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Picture how strong, toned and healthy you’re going to look and feel, now that you no longer have to struggle with:

  • Impossible diets
  • Long boring workouts
  • Boring cardio
  • Needing to be pushed and motivated

Don’t let the next 12 months be the same as the last 12 months. Do something about it.


Fat Furnace With Standard Nutrition

I’m Ready To Lose Inches Now!

This client-favorite program focuses not only on incinerating fat but also on building lean muscle.

Each workout strategically builds upon the last and works together so that after every 7 days you’re activating more of your metabolism and burning MORE fat.

These workouts are between 30-60 mins and will not elicit a cortisol (the fat storing hormone) response. As a matter of fact, expect 38+ hours of calorie burn even after your workout!

If at any time you will be traveling, I will include a special travel workout you can easily do in your hotel room or hotel gym.

You’ll experience many benefits and improvements from the Fat Furnace program, such as:

  • Increased lean muscle mass and bone density,
  • Building of your core strength,
  • Improved energy to power you through the day,
  • You’ll learn a sustainable nutrition strategy in line with your lifestyle, and
  • Achieve a fit and healthy overall body composition.
  • Plus Fat Furnace includes cardio programming.

Results will vary with each person due to genetics, medical conditions, lifestyle and other factors. I will work with you to strategize a plan to work with any existing conditions.

How Long Will It Take?

While there is no set-in-stone timeline to reach your goals, 12 weeks is a start and results are attainable within that milestone. Do the work, be consistent, be patient, trust the process and you will get results.

Please be aware that losing 20+ lbs in a healthy and sustainable process often requires at least 24 weeks.

Contact us now about the Fat Furnace Personal Training Program. We’re happy to answer your questions and tell you even more about what we can do for you starting today.

FitLife with Standard Nutrition


Whether you’re looking to get that beach body, prep for a special event, get stronger, gain lean muscle, or improve your quality of life and well-being, this program is right for you.

We utilize a variety of free weights, machines, resistance bands on Resistance Training Days and short powerful high-intensity interval training on Interval Training Days. Please keep in mind that the intensity of the workouts will be personally designed for what your body can handle.

Resistance Training Days: Gain lean muscle, get stronger and shed more fat through properly built resistance-training workouts that will efficiently improve your aerobic (cardiovascular strength) and anaerobic capacity (muscle strength).

Here are some science-backed benefits of strength training:

  • Lower abdominal fat. …
  • Better cardiovascular health. …
  • Controlled blood sugar levels. …
  • Reduced cancer risk. …
  • Lowered injury risks. …
  • Strengthened mental health. …
  • Improved flexibility and mobility. …
  • Elevated body image.

Interval Training Days: You’ll receive different unique fat-incinerating, heart-rate spiking interval training workouts delivered every 1-2 weeks so that you’ll never be bored with interval training. After all, even doing the same short interval workout can be boring.

Contact us today to learn more about the FitLife Personal Training Program. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

* For those within a healthy body fat percentage range*.

PLEASE NOTE: Your body fat percentage will be determined through my Wellness Screening in my Health Triage Questionnaire Form. Should you be excessively above what is the healthy body fat percentage range, the Fat Furnace Program will be recommended.

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