21 Day Level Up Challenge

In 21 days, I’ll show you how to shed 10lbs of fat without deprivation or killing yourself in the gym.

20 Days of Bodyweight Workouts
Equipment: Little to No Equipment
Nutrition: Standard

This challenge is a fat loss challenge at the core, but it will also address many life issues that have held you back, prevented you from taking action, and kept you from sticking to a plan. You will leave this program with a much deeper understanding of yourself and what drives you, stops you, and how to be successful in anything you wish to pursue.

What do I get with the program?

  • Full detailed flexible meal plan packed with awesome recipes you’ll want to make over and over again
  • 20  days of workouts
  • Unlimited email support from me
  • Me in your inbox every single day addressing the mental challenges that have kept you from being successful or sustaining success in the past
  • A new outlook on what’s possible in your life that extends far beyond food and weight loss (I’m incorporating a lot of components of life coaching into this program)
  • New levels of confidence that’ll have you feeling you can dominate any area of your life you choose!

12 Week Intensive Fat Loss Trainer

In 12 short weeks, we’ll disrupt your metabolism so you can lose 30 lbs …and keep it off!

6 Days of Workouts Per Week
Equipment: Gym
Nutrition: Intensive
Resistance Day: 60 minutes
Cardio Day: 30 minutes

For the serious person who’s over their waist size, killing themselves at the gym, and failing at diets. This isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re fed up and ready NOW, this is the program for you.

Being a bodybuilding competitor for a number of years and inspired by classic bodybuilding legends of the past, I use the knowledge that I’ve learned and personally tested and translated it into a hard-hitting fat loss program.

My structured program covers both exercise and nutrition strategy.  It’s based on your fitness level and challenges you as you go through the entire program.

Beginning has never been so easy!

24 Week Comprehensive Lean Body

6 Days of Workouts Per Week
Equipment: Gym
Nutrition: Intensive
Resistance Day: 60 minutes
Cardio Day: 30 minutes

If you’ve completed the 12-Week Intensive, Lean Body turns it up. This program is also appropriate for the intermediate gym-goer. It’ll help you with maintaining your results and/or boosting it up a whole new level. 

The workouts are in 12 phases that build upon one another. Each stage is more challenging than the last, to keep you from plateauing! 

All the cardio HIIT workouts in this program call for little to no equipment. So doing them in the comfort of your own home is easy! 

I help men and women lose fat and tone their physique so that they can get into the best shape of their life!

Contact me now to learn more about my high-end Personal Training Program. I’m happy to answer your questions and tell you even more about what I can do for you starting today.