About NomNom Fit & Our Fitness Approach

Honolulu’s Premier Personal Trainer

My purpose is to empower individuals to finally take control of their busy lives and lose the weight they have been trying to lose for years so they can live confidently, gracefully, and healthfully.

Aloha, I’m Sharon!

Owner and Personal Trainer at Nom Nom Fit (N2Fit for short)

Hi there!

My name is Sharon Aldeguer and I am a weight loss, lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness expert who has helped many men and women not only lose inches off their belt but keep it off!

I am an Independent Personal Trainer at Island Club and Spa Waikiki, inside the Alohilani Waikiki Beach Resort. I’ve also created an online coaching program so that my ability to help others would not be limited to a physical location.

When I’m not coaching, you can find at the gym prepping for a bodybuilding competition.

About Nom Nom Fit

Losing weight is more than the act of losing weight. In order for it to become a life-long transformation, your current lifestyle and mindset towards fitness and nutrition will need to go through some changes.

With my help, I will help you discover the best approach to take towards your weightloss goals so that it truly does become permanent.

I will help with:

  • finding a realistic time solution so that fitting a healthy lifestyle into your busy life is not a stretch,
  • staying motivated even on days where you don’t want to,
  • discovering the right diet for you that actually works and you WILL WANT TO DO,
  • demystifying fitness and nutrition so that it truly is simple for you to make it the norm in your life.

NomNom Fit is all about building a sustainable approach to fitness and nutrition so that you will not only look better and feel incredible in your skin, but also add more years to your life and life to your years.

I’m so honored you’re here reading this, and I look forward to helping you towards a healthier and fitter you.

You can find out now about our fitness training programs or contact us today to ask questions or for a free consultation.

Yours In Health and Fitness,